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        Design of Topographic Map Intelligent Generalization System
        Requirements of Digitalization for Topographic Map Generalization
        Study on River Automatic Generalization
        Research and Experiment In Automated Name Placement for Residences on Maps
        The Method of Building Topographic Map Automatic Generalization Knowledge Base
        Tree-structure Model of Contour
        The Data Model and Algorithm of Layer-based Generalization of Street-block Settlement on a Topographic Map
        Establrshment of Complex Object Based on Cartograhic Data Base
        Experiments of Group-generalization of Contour Lines on Topographic Maps
        The Algebra Methods Solving the Interelated Problem of Point and Line Symbols
        Processing of Relation Between Spot Feature and Linear、Area Feature
        Handling of Relation Between Linear Feature and Area Feature
        The Design of Symbol Bank for Topographic Map
        Decomposition and Combination of Linear Symbol
        On Shifting of Linear Feature
        The Design of Thematic Mapping Decision Support System
        Creating and Managing of the BAse-map Database in the Thematic Mapping
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