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1991 Vol. 16, No. 2

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Analysis of Imformation of Vertical Deformation of Xian-Shui River Multi-Seismic Region
The Goneral Formulas of Helmert type for Estimating Variance and Covarince Caomponents
Analysis of Separability for Deformation Monitoring Networks
The Effect of Lateral Heterogeneities of Lower Mantle and absolute Plate Motions on Geoid
The Ocean Tidal Effects Computed on the Elastic-Ellipsoidal Earth Model
Optimization and Design of Geodetic Networks in Consideration of Accuracy and Reliability
On the Eualuation and Analysis of Image Quality of Rmall Rcale Negatives with Forward Motion Compensation
Agricultural-System Maps Analysis and Interpretation and the Application of the Result in the Arrangement and Program of the Regional Economy
The Relationships Between the Stability,the Mode Volume,the Parameters of Output Beam and the Structure Parameters of Resonator in a Small-sized He-Ne Laser
The Effect Of Grain Size On Fracture Toughness
Convergence Of Iterative Solution For Nonlinear Least Squares Adjustment
The Inverse of Nonsigular Partitioned Matrix