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1989 Vol. 14, No. 4

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Landsat TM Data Precision Processing and Digital Compound of Multidata
The Method of Weight Factor for Variance Component Estimation
Fault Deformation Monitoring in the Fildes Strait
Ellipsoid Correction in Least Squares Spectral Combination Method
On the Research of GPS Satellite Positioning Software Package
The Method of Raster Filling Used in the Establishment of Polygon File
To Infer the Selecting Degree of Rivers on the Map with the Mathematical Model
Coupling of Semi-conductor Laser and Single-mode Fiber
High Precision Noncontact Dimension Measurement Using Linear Array CCD with Fewer Elements
Computer Image Processing of X-ray Bronchus Image Dong Gang
Some Properties of the Mean Value Point for Integral
A Study of Radiance Equation for Any Body Surface on Earth
Transformation of Boundary Value Problems in Physical Geodesy Using FFT
A Mothod of Drawing Perspective Maps