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1986 Vol. 11, No. 4

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Improvements on the Existing Correspondence Analysis and Its Data Pre-processing
A Patterning Method for Mapping by Using Thematic Symbols in Raster Form
The Determination of Information Content of Aerial Negative
Uniformity and Particularity of Various Adjustment Methods
Principal Component Test and Location of Gross Error
On the Abnormality Discrimination of Levelling Measurements Within Tolerance
The Estimator or Mean Square Error of Unit Weight Considering the Influence of Initial Datum Error
The Computation of Geoidal Undulation Deflection of Vertical and Gravity Anomalies Using Clenshaw Summation
Design for Infra-red Geodimeter BHC-5 and Its Accuracy Analysis
Software Design of Automatic Monitor System
The Minimum Mean Square Error System of Non-Ripple and Computer-Aided Design