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1983 Vol. 8, No. 1

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Application of Remote Sensing Techniques in Investigation of Aquatic Plant Distribution in Honghu Lake
On Orientation of Digital Image and Resampling along Epipolar Lines
Some Theoretical Problems in the Adjustment of Free Networks
The Equivalence of Mathematical Models for Coordinate Systems Transformation in the Adjustment for the Combination of Satellite and Terrestrial Network
Determination of the Longitude Orientation of the Doppler(Laser) Dynamical Satallite Geodetic Network by use of Simultaneous Photography
The Adjustment of Least Weight Reciprocal
Bestimmung der Schrittlange Bei der Kurveninterpolation
Automatic Generalization(Simplification) of Contours in Groups Using Raster Data
A Report on the Research,Manufacture and Test of the optic-electric Area-measuring Instrument Type GDM-I
State Space Method of Digital Image Restoration