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        Accidental and Systematic Standard Deviations in Horizontal Angle Measurements
        The Calculation of Characteristic Values of Photographic Materials by Using a Mathematical Model
        On the Automated Drawing of Parallel Lines Within Areal Symbols of Thematic Maps
        On the Least Squares Simulation
        The Application of Chebyshev Polynomial Approximation in Geodetic Calculation
        Die Allgemeine Formel für den Vergröβerungsfaktor des Kreuzbandgelenks
        Precision Laser Alignment and its Use in the Measurement of the Horizontal Deformation of Large Dams
        On the Dynamic Adjustment of Repeating Levelling Nets Covering a Vast Area
        Generation and Test of the Quasi-random Data with the Normal Distribution
        Deformantion Measurement of Rubber Fenders of a Deepwater Port by Using Amateur Cameras
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