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2014 Vol. 39, No. 2

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GNSS Data Fusion with Functional and Stochastic ModelConstraints as well as Property Analysis
Analysis of Europe Ionospheric Responses During Magnetic Storms in2003-2006Using Ionospheric Tomographic Technology
Precise Orbit Determination of Jason-2with Precision of CentimetersBased on Satellite-borne GPS Technique
Evaluation on the Precision of Klobuchar Model forBeiDou Navigation Satellite System
Applied Analysis of GPS Multipath Errors Based on Observation Domain
,doi:10.1016/j.pss.2013.04.005On 3DCoordinate Transformations with Virtual Observation Method
Azimuthally Anisotropy of Multi-mode Rayleigh Waves
A Parallel Decision Support System for Land-Use AllocationOptimization Based on Artificial Immune System
Establishing Land Use Zoning Model by Clonal Selection Algorithm
An Algorithm for Computing the Smallest-Area EnclosingRectangle of Spatial Geometric Object(s)
Methods for Constructing Approximate MedialAxis for Planar Free-form Shapes
An Improved Cone-based Model for DescribingSpatial Direction Relations
Ant Colony Optimization Approach to Road Network Matching
Formalization Research of Topological Relation BetweenHigh Order Fuzzy Regions
Multi-objective Optimization of Emergency EvacuationUsing Improved Genetic Algorithm
Analytical Method for Mobile Elements in Geo-VideoUsing Random Graph Grammar
Constructing Spatio-Temporal Topic Model for Microblog Topic Retrieving
)Effective ASIFT Wide-baseline Stereo Image Matching Based onAdaptive Relative Affine Transformation Stimulation
Object-Level Highlight Features For High-resolutionSAR Building Extraction
A New Approach for Surface Soil Moisture Retrieving UsingTwo-polarized Microwave Remote Sensing Data
Linear Feature Matching Method Based on Local Affine Invariant andEpipolar Constraint for Close-range Images
A Method of Automatic Cloud Detection Using TM Image
Research on Image Restoration by Polarized RemoteSensing Through Haze
Inversion of Subsidence Based on TemporalInSAR Method in Tanggu Area