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        Influence of Higher-order Ionospheric Delay Correction on Static Precise Point Positioning
        ZHANG Xiaohong, REN Xiaodong, GUO Fei
        2013, 38(8): 883-887.
        Abstract PDF
        Higher-order Ionospheric Error Correction for Precise Point Positioning
        KUANG Cuilin, JIN Lei
        2013, 38(8): 888-891.
        Abstract PDF
        Three-dimensional Water Vapor Tomography Using Ground-based GPS and COSMIC Occultation Observations
        XIA Pengfei, CAI Changsheng, DAI Wujiao, CHEN Biyan
        2013, 38(8): 892-896.
        Abstract PDF
        Preliminary Results of Single Epoch Baseline Solution Based on Beidou Navigation Satellite System
        TANG Weiming, DENG Chenlong, GAO Lifeng
        2013, 38(8): 897-901.
        Abstract PDF
        Gravity Field Recovery Using Satellite Average Accelerations Derived from High-low Satellite-to-satellite Tracking
        ZHONG Bo, LUO Zhicai, ZHOU Hao
        2013, 38(8): 902-906.
        Abstract PDF
        Recovery of Earth’s Gravitational Field Model Based on GOCE Satellite Orbits
        ?HUANG Qiang, FAN Dongming, YOU Wei
        2013, 38(8): 907-910.
        Abstract PDF
        Analysis of EOP Determination via Chinese VLBI Network
        ZHANG Zhibin, WANG Guangli, LIU Xiang, TANG Zhenghong
        2013, 38(8): 911-915.
        Abstract PDF
        Prediction of LOD Change Based on the LS and AR Model with Edge Effect Corrected
        LIU Jian, WANG Qijie, ZHANG Hao
        2013, 38(8): 916-919.
        Abstract PDF
        Eliminating Constellation Rotation Error of Autonomous Orbit Determination Using Differential Anchor Stations
        SHANG Lin, REN Qianyi, ZHANG Rui, LI Guotong
        2013, 38(8): 920-924.
        Abstract PDF
        Variance-covariance Component Estimation Method Based on Generalization Adjustment Factor
        LIU Zhiping, ZHANG Shibi
        2013, 38(8): 925-929.
        Abstract PDF
        A Differential Estimation Technique of Troposphere Delay for Precise Positioning in Hydrographic Surveying
        LI Kaifeng, OUYANG Yongzhong, LU Xiuping, WU Taiqi
        2013, 38(8): 930-934.
        Abstract PDF
        Modeling and Simulation of Toxic Gas Dispersion in Urban Streets Supported by GIS
        ZHENG Maohui, JIN Min, GUO Fei
        2013, 38(8): 935-939.
        Abstract PDF
        Employing a Centroid Transferring Curve to Spatio-temporal Evolution Patterns
        LI Guangqiang, ZENG Shaoqin, DENG Min, XIAO Qiuyong
        2013, 38(8): 940-944.
        Abstract PDF
        Point Cluster Selection in GIS Using Gravity Model
        LI Wenjing, LI Shaoning, LONG Yi, QIU Jia
        2013, 38(8): 945-949.
        Abstract PDF
        Design and Implementation of Public Participation Web Cartographic Services
        ZENG Xingguo, REN Fu, DU Qingyun, TANG Lingjun
        2013, 38(8): 950-953.
        Abstract PDF
        Probability Model of Directed Movements Based on Total Probability Theorem
        YIN Zhangcai, LIU Qingquan, SUN Huatao
        2013, 38(8): 954-957.
        Abstract PDF
        Object-oriented Geological Disaster Data Model and Spatio-temporal Process Expression
        LIU Xiaohui, WU Xincai, LUO Xiangang
        2013, 38(8): 958-962.
        Abstract PDF
        Spatial Intelligent Prediction of Landslide Hazard Based on Multi-source Data in Three Gorges Reservoir Area
        WU Xueling, REN Fu, NIU Ruiqing
        2013, 38(8): 963-968.
        Abstract PDF
        An Operator of Gradient Consistency for Multimodal Image Registration
        YAN Li, HU Xiubing, CHEN Changjun, MA Zhenling
        2013, 38(8): 969-972.
        Abstract PDF
        Boresight Misalignment and Position Offset Calibration of Push-broom Hyperspectral Sensor Integrated POS System
        ZHAO Haitao, ZHANG Bing, ZUO Zhengli, CHEN Zhengchao
        2013, 38(8): 973-977.
        Abstract PDF
        Change Detection Method Based on Multi-feature Differencing Kernel SVM for Remote Sensing Imagery
        LIN Yi, LIU Bing, CHEN Yingying, PAN Chen
        2013, 38(8): 978-982.
        Abstract PDF
        Classified Linear Regression Based Landsat Image Cloud Removal Method
        WU Wei, LUO Jiancheng, SHEN Zhanfeng, WANG Weihong
        2013, 38(8): 983-987.
        Abstract PDF
        Hyperspectral Image Feature Extraction via Kernel Minimum Noise Fraction Transform
        LIN Na, YANG Wunian, WANG Bin
        2013, 38(8): 988-992.
        Abstract PDF
        A Road Damage Identification Method Based on Scale-span Image and SVM
        SHEN Zhaoqing, PENG Yuhua, SHU Ning
        2013, 38(8): 993-997.
        Abstract PDF
        Ocean Breaking Wave Detection with Microwave Doppler Radar
        FAN Lingang, CHEN Xi, CHEN Zezong, JIN Yan
        2013, 38(8): 998-1002.
        Abstract PDF
        Direction Characteristic of Radiation Energy and Transmission Characteristic of Waters at Water-air Surface
        YANG Xiguang, HUANG Haijun, LIU Yanxia, YAN Liwen
        2013, 38(8): 1003-1008.
        Abstract PDF
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