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2013 Vol. 38, No. 8

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Influence of Higher-order Ionospheric Delay Correction on Static Precise Point Positioning
Higher-order Ionospheric Error Correction for Precise Point Positioning
Three-dimensional Water Vapor Tomography Using Ground-based GPS and COSMIC Occultation Observations
Preliminary Results of Single Epoch Baseline Solution Based on Beidou Navigation Satellite System
Gravity Field Recovery Using Satellite Average Accelerations Derived from High-low Satellite-to-satellite Tracking
Recovery of Earth’s Gravitational Field Model Based on GOCE Satellite Orbits
Analysis of EOP Determination via Chinese VLBI Network
Prediction of LOD Change Based on the LS and AR Model with Edge Effect Corrected
Eliminating Constellation Rotation Error of Autonomous Orbit Determination Using Differential Anchor Stations
Variance-covariance Component Estimation Method Based on Generalization Adjustment Factor
A Differential Estimation Technique of Troposphere Delay for Precise Positioning in Hydrographic Surveying
Modeling and Simulation of Toxic Gas Dispersion in Urban Streets Supported by GIS
Employing a Centroid Transferring Curve to Spatio-temporal Evolution Patterns
Point Cluster Selection in GIS Using Gravity Model
Design and Implementation of Public Participation Web Cartographic Services
Probability Model of Directed Movements Based on Total Probability Theorem
Object-oriented Geological Disaster Data Model and Spatio-temporal Process Expression
Spatial Intelligent Prediction of Landslide Hazard Based on Multi-source Data in Three Gorges Reservoir Area
An Operator of Gradient Consistency for Multimodal Image Registration
Boresight Misalignment and Position Offset Calibration of Push-broom Hyperspectral Sensor Integrated POS System
Change Detection Method Based on Multi-feature Differencing Kernel SVM for Remote Sensing Imagery
Classified Linear Regression Based Landsat Image Cloud Removal Method
Hyperspectral Image Feature Extraction via Kernel Minimum Noise Fraction Transform
A Road Damage Identification Method Based on Scale-span Image and SVM
Ocean Breaking Wave Detection with Microwave Doppler Radar
Direction Characteristic of Radiation Energy and Transmission Characteristic of Waters at Water-air Surface