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2012 Vol. 37, No. 8

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Reliable Spatial Analysis
Establishment of Fundamental Geographic Information System and Associated Key Technologies for Poyang Lake Wetland
Distributed Spatial Query Processing and Parallel Schedule Based on Zonal Fragmentation
An Approach for Hierarchical Semantic Classification of Islands Based on Formal Concept Analysis
Multi-resolution Representation of 3D Complex Building Model with Features Preservation
Image Stitching Algorithm of Digital Camera with Single Field Lens and Multiple Area CCD
Preserving Polarimetric Scattering Characteristics Classification by Introducing Normalized Circular-pol Correlation Coefficient
Residential Area Recognition Using Texture Filtering from Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing Imagery
Object-oriented Feature Selection Algorithms Based on Improved SEaTH Algorithms
Infrared Target Detection Based on Principal Background Suppression
Application of Grey System Theory in Image Edge Detection
Impact Evaluation of Neglecting Radiance Reflected from Neighboring Slopes on Calculating Target Reflectance
A High Efficient Content Security Protection Method Suitable for Remote Sensing Image
Real-time Quality Control Procedure for GNSS Precise Point Positioning
GNSS Dual-Frequency Integer Relationship Constrained Ambiguity Resolution
CORS Development for Xilongchi Dam Deformation Monitoring
Cosesimic Displacement Filed of Continental Area of China Associated with the Mw 9.0 Japan Earthquake in 2011 by GPS
Estimate of Frequency Bias Method in DORIS Real-time Orbit Determination
Determination of CE-1 Orbit and EOPs with ΔVLBI Observation in Earth-Moon Transfer Orbit
Elevation-dependent MERIS Water Vapor Interpolation and Its Application to Atmospheric Correction on ASAR Interferogram
Characteristics Analysis of Cloud-Layer Thickness in East Asia Using Occultation Data
Ionospheric Modeling and Forecasting Based on Tomographic and Neural Network Method
Weighted and Unweighted Total Least Square Methods and Applications to Heteroscedastic 3D Coordinate Transformation
Influence Mode Analysis of Self Vibration on Absolute Gravimeter
DiffS:Matching Algorithm to Different Version Maps Based on SVG
Suitability of Regional Multi-airports Planning by Hierarchical P-median Location Model
Spatial Similarity Assessment Model and Its Application in Line Groups
A New Method of Extracting Terrain Feature Lines by Morphology
A Method for Delaunay Triangulation by Integration of Distance Transformation and Region Adjacency Graphics
Improved Reversible Watermarking Algorithm for Vector Map Based on Difference Expansion and Shifting