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2012 Vol. 37, No. 12

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Coseismic Deformation and Slip Distribution for 2011 Tohoku-Oki Mw 9.0 Earthquake:Constrained by GPS and InSAR
Outlier Detection of Satellite Gravity Gradiometry Data
Multi-effect-quantity Fusion Model of High Arch Dam Based on Improved D-S Evidence Theory
Velocity Analysis of Shanxi CORS Fiducial Station
Establishing Time Base with Multi-satellite Clock in Autonomous Orbit Determination
Fast and Stably Recursive Algorithm for Computing Second Derivative of Associated Legendre Functions
Oscillator Effects on Carrier-Phase Measurements in GNSS Receiver
Identification of Tropopause Height from GPS Radio Occultation Bending Angle Profile
Monitoring Global Sea Level Change from 1993 to 2011 Using TOPEX and Jason Altimeter Missions
Kriging Interpolation for Atmospheric Delay of Medium-and Long-range Network-RTK
Calculation and Analysis on Integrity Threshold Based on Non-Gaussian Distributing
Adaptive Collocation Method to Coordinate Transformation from XAS80 to CGCS2000
A SIFT Image Match Method with Match-Support Measure for Multi-source Remotely Sensed Images
Matching Low Altitude RS Image with Harris-Laplace and SIFT Descriptor
Remote Sensing Image Fusion Method with Poisson Equation Interpolation
Monitoring Land Deformation Using PSInSAR with TerraSAR-X High Resolution Spotlight SAR Images
High Resolution 3D Tomographic SAR with Compressive Sensing
Electromagnetic Model Used for Building Height Retrieval by Single High Resolution SAR Image
Destriping Panchromatic Imagery Using Self-adaptive Moment Match
A Fast Algorithm for Imaging Time Window Prediction of Optical Satellites Considering J_2 Perturbation for Imaging Mission Scheduling
Prototypes-Extraction Spectral Clustering Ensemble Algorithm Applied to Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
Application of Information Entropy Theory to Analyzing Tasks Scheduling for Submarine Combat System
Multi-channel Spectral Reconstruction of Monochrome Camera Using Theory of Basis Functions
Geographical Elements′ Spatial Location Identification Considering Geometric Features
MR-tree with Voronoi Diagrams for Parallel Spatial Queries
Solution of Euclidean Shortest Path Problem Space with Obstacles
Automatic Generalization for Line Features in Risk Mapping of Natural Hazard:Taking Railway Hazard-Affected Bodies as an Example
Topological Quantitatively Method for Spurious Increments Removed of Area Water