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2009 Vol. 34, No. 8

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Research of the Application in Image Segmentation of the Foraging Principle in Simulation
Theoretical Accuracy Effect on Vertical Parallax of Relativities between Exterior Orientation Elements Obtained Via POS
An Approach on Building Reconstruction from Images,Data Clouds and Vector Maps
A Method of Eliminating Sonar Image Gaps Based on Navigation Files
An Adaptive Threshold Segmentation Method Based on Spatial Statistic Theory to High-resolution Remote Sensing Change Detection
Background Extraction and Updating in Complex Traffic Scene
An Unsupervised Classification Method of POLSAR Image
The Production of China Land Cover Data for Version 1.0 Global Map
Fusion Algorithm of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Based on the Data Assimilation
Study on Remotely Sensed Image Fusion Method Based on FFT and CIELab Transform
Manifold Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Content-Based Image Retrieval
Multi-Source Marine Environmental Information Grid Platform and Its Implement
An Approach for Distributed Organization and Paralleled Access of LiDAR Point Clouds Data
The Digital Generalization Principle of Digital Elevation Model
A Cross-step Word Segmentation Algorithm for Understanding Traffic Information Represented in Natural Chinese Language
A "Ring" Method for Flood Submergence Based on DEM
Estimate the Accuracy of DEM Based on Reconstructed Contours
Electronic Map Design by Using Parameterized Template Technology
The Inversion of Ice Mass Change in Greenland Ice Sheet Using GRACE Data
Method of Phase to Height Based on the Differential Coefficient Relationship
Effect of the Error of Satellite Position on GPS Common-view Time Transfer
Reconstruction of the Remote Tracking Network for Chinese Mars Explorer
Ionosphere TEC Anomalous Disturbance of Pre-seism
The Application of B-spline Least Squares in Determining Moving-base Acceleration for Airborne Vector Gravimetry
Parameter Identification of Surface Fitting Based on Genetic Algorithm
Statistical Early Warning Model for Dam Based on Improved Particle Swarm Coupled Method
A New Grid Computing Theory Model to Large-scale CORS
Orthogonal Procrustes Analysis and Its Application on Rotation Matrix Estimation
Research on a New Working Mode of CORS Based on the GSM Cellular Mobile Communication System
A Prefetching Strategy Based on LMS Rule