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2009 Vol. 34, No. 1

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Node Construction of Grid Based GIS for Intelligent Spatial Information Service
3D Reconstruction of a Yuan Dynasty Blue-and-white Porcelain Based on Profile Constraint and Photogrammetry
A New Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Method Using Gabor Wavelet
3D Reconstruction Based on Seamless Contiguity of TIN
A Kernel-based Similarity Measures for Change Detection in RS Images
Roof Detection Using LiDAR Data Based on Points' Normal with Weight
MVLL Multi-Image Matching Model and Its Application in ADS40 Linear Array Images
A Target Detection Method Based on Multi-aperture SAR Images
Edge Extraction Algorithm Based on Linear Perception Enhancement
Application of Decision Tree on Multispectral Images Based on Segment and Scale-Span Features
Panning and Multi-baseline Digital Close-range Photogrammetry
Voronoi-based Distribution Measure of Point Objects in Adjacent Space
Rectification and Formal Description of 3D OO-solid Model
Design and Implementation of Multidimension and Animated Visualization System for Ocean and Atmosphere
Zero Initialization of Spatial Data and Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm in Presence of Arbitrary Obstacles
Research on 3D Visualization of Virtual Terrain in HASM
Formal Description of Regions with Hole's Topological Relations
Study of Detecting the Inner Core Super Rotation Using SG Data
Algorithms for Removing Narrow-band Interference Based on Software GPS Receiver
A Study of Satellite Orbit Differences under IAU2000 Resolution
Study of Fusion with Digital Image and Scanning Data
Realization and Analysis of GPS Precise Clock Products
Dilution of Precision of Relative Positioning for Formation Flying Satellites Using GNSS
Direct Calculation of Ambiguity Resolution in GPS Short Baseline
Retrieval of Water Vapor Along the GPS Slant Path Based on Double-differenced Residuals
Indoor Pseudolites Precise Point Positioning Based on Improved Time-Satellites Difference
Separation of Gravity Anomalies Based on Multiscale Edges
Design and Realization of the Systematic Software to Calculate the Local Geoid with High Precision
LI Bofeng1 SHEN Yunzhong1,2(1 Dept.of Surveying and Geo-informatics Engineering,1239 Siping Road,Shanghai 200092,China)(2 Key Lab.of Modern Engineering Surveying of SBSM,1239 Siping Road,Shanghai 200092,China)
Classification of Polarimetric SAR Image Based on Four-component Scattering Model