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2008 Vol. 33, No. 7

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Overview on Real Estate Valuation Models
Image Segmentation Based on Cognitive Agent
Change Detection of Multi-time Remote Sensing Images Based on Statistics Models
Identifying Symbols in Scanned Map Based on Mathematical Morphology
A New Approach for Choice of Optimal Spatial Scale in Image Classification Based on Entropy
A Segmental-linear Function Based Pro-codec Processing Algorithm
3D Reconstruction Method for Large Scale Relic Landscape from Laser Point Cloud
Picking up Footprints of Building from Airborne Lidar Data with Multi-strategies
GPS Measurements and Tectonics Activity Simulation of Present-day Crustal Deformation in China's Capital Region
Near Real-time Orbit Determination of Navigation Satellite Using Regional Tracking Network
Fitting Geoidal Height Regarding for Gravity Field Information on Stations
Determination of High-Rate Clock Corrections for GPS Satellites from Observations of IGS Stations
On Orbit Determination Accuracy of ASTRON-G and Its Tracking Efficiency by Ground Tracking Network
Data Synchronization Method of GPS/INS Integrated Navigation System
Comparing GPS Stochastic Models Based on Observation Quality Indices
Comparison of Atmospheric Water Vapour Correction Models for InSAR Measurements
Application of InSAR and DInSAR to Zhongba Earthquake
Precise Test Methods of 2nd Order Transfer Function for Ultra Broadband and Very Broadband Seismometer
Ambiguity Resolution Based on Recursive Least Squares Kalman Filtering Using Multi-epoch Carrier Phase Data
Application of Spherical Cap Harmonic Analysis to Fit GPS Level Height
Recognition of Piling Sound Based on Fast Fourier Transform
On Estimation of Error Entropy
Least Uncertainty Estimation Theory and Its Applications to Resolving Morbid Problems
Simulation Platform of Gravity Aided Inertial Navigation System for Underwater Vehicle
Cartographic Visualization Based on Boundary Anti-aliasing
Intelligent Automated Cartographic Text Placement of Area Features
Design of Basic Tone of Thematic Map Color