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2008 Vol. 33, No. 10

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A New Type Trusted Platform Module(TPM)
Research on Key Technologies for Implementing Network Security Situation Awareness
A Network Connection and Routing Model Based on Trust Theory
A Compressible Threshold Image Sharing Scheme Based on Matrix Projection
Steganalysis Based on R-Farid High Order Statistic Model
A Novel Design of Trusted Platform Control Module
Research of SMS4's Implementation in Hardware Based on Embedded System
A Study of Software Fault Tolerance System Evaluation Strategy
A Key Predistribution Scheme Based on Polynomial for HWSN
Study of Watermarking Nonnumeric Data in Relational Databases
Blind Detection of Image Splicing Based on Image Quality Metrics and Hidden Markov Model
SmartMK:TPM-based Trusted Multi-Kernel Operating System Architecture
Multi-Pattern Matching Algorithm for Web Resource Access Control Decision
Energy-efficient Secure Topology Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
An Efficient and Scalable Fault Detection Algorithm for Grid Systems
A Universal Provable Security Authentication Protocol for Multi-Domain
Active Defense Model for Network Intrusion Based on Immune Multi-Agent
Active Steganalysis for Stego-image Based on HMT and ICA
Software Download Framework Based on Trust Measurement
Research on TPM Based on State Machine Theory
Security Digital Watermarking Schemes Based on Structured Code
A Secure Mutual Password Authentication Scheme with User Anonymity
Provable Secure Identity Based Signature Scheme in the Standard Model
Subjective Trust Control in Attribute Based Delegation Authorization Logical System
Design of a Symmetric Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Complex Chaotic Sequence
Difference Timing Attack Against AES Based on Cache Timing Character
Research of Terminal Security Model Based on Noninterference
Quantitative Evaluation Model for Survivability in MANETs