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2006 Vol. 31, No. 12

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Refined Determination of Vertical Deflection in China Mainland Area
Boresight Misalignment Calibration of Integrated DGPS/IMU System
Spectral Simil Arity Scale Based on Dynamic Wighting Adjustment Method
On Reconstruction of Revolution
On Asian Dust Storm in China by Combining Daytime and Nighttime Terra and Aqua MODIS Data
Dimension Reduction of Texture Features Based upon Independent Component Analysis
A Review on the Scale Issue in DEMs and Digital Terrain Analysis
Determination of Precise Instantaneous Tidal Level at Vessel
A New Method for Vessel Attitude Determination Using GPS
Densification Methods of GPS Satellite Clock Errors and Their Impact on Orbit Determination Precision of LEOs
Detecting and Repairing Cycle Slips in GPS Single Frequency Carrier Phase Using Lowpass
Analysis of GPS Multi-Frequency Carrier Phase Combinations
Experiment on Driving Precipitable Water Vapor from Ground-Based GPS Network in Chengdu Plain
Vertical Crustal Displacements Due to Atmospheric Loading Effects at GPS Fiducial Stations in China
Applications of Lodrigues Matrix in 3D Coordinate Transformation
On 3D Automatic Modeling Method of Mine Roadway
Algorithm for Understanding Word Meaning in GIS Chinese Inquiry Sentences
On Spatial Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Grid Environment
Design and Comparision of Geo Ontology in GIS
Neighborhood-Based Adaptive Geovisualization on Mobile Map
On Catastrophe-scale in Course of Map-information Attenuation
An Algorithm for Hierarchical Simulation of Digital Circuits