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2005 Vol. 30, No. 3

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Classification of Laser Scanning Altimetry Data Using Laser Intensity
Models of Dynamic Balance Between Cultivated Land Demands and Supplies at Multi-scales
Fundamental Problem on Spatial Scale
Radiation Spatial Division Based on Q_i(x_i,y_i) and Restrained Edge Mosaic of TIN
Modeling Spatial Features Based on Geography Markup Language in GIS
Virtual SAN-based Data Storage Method in Grid GIS
An Model GIS Interoperable
GIS Intelligent Agent—a New Frame for Spatial Intelligent Analysis
Realization of Spatial Data Exchange Based on XML Using Data Decomposing and Synthesizing
System Requirement Models of Workflow and Their Formal Descriptions
Problem on Fitting Between Marine Gravity Quasi-geoid and Local Altimetric Quasi-geoid
Comparison Between Tikhonov Regularization and Truncated SVD in Geophysics
Application of Robust Estimation Theory to Analyzing 2000 China Gravity Base Net
GPS Observation Simulation
Searching Integer Ambiguities in Single Frequency Single Epoch by Genetic Algorithm
Deblurring Texture Extracted from Digital Aerial Images by Reforming “Step Edge” Curve
Spatial Analysis of Multi-Source Data and Its Application in Motuo, Tibet
Universal Pattern Decomposition Method Based on Hyper Spectral Satellite Remote Sensing Data
Application of Image Processing Technology to Steel Billet On-line Measurement System
Radar Emitter Recognition of Gray Correlation Based on D-S Reasoning
Seamless Contiguity of Digital Chart