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2004 Vol. 29, No. 9

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Opportunities for Geomatics
A New Class of GNSS Ambiguity Estimators
Accuracy of GPS Fiducial Station Coordiate and Velocity Field and Their Time Series
Results of the Crustal Deformation by GPS Survey and Horizontal Strain Rate Fields in the Three Gorges Area
A New Algorithm Detecting Cycle Slips in Satellite-Borne GPS Carrier Phase Measurements for Precise Orbit Determination
Market Forecast and Benefit Analysis of Application of Beidou Navigation Satellite System in China
Proof of the Uniform Convergence of the Series Solution About the Fictitious Compress -Recuperation of Gravitational Potential
3D Urban Building Modeling Based on High Resolution Satellite Images
An Improved MODIS BRDF Radiometric Calibration Approach
Semi-automatic Extraction Technique of Residential Area in High Resolution Remote Sensing Image
Blur Image Restoration Based on Kalman Motion Model
Incorporation of Texture and Structure Information for Urban Building Detection by Using Landsat7 ETM+ Panchromatic Image
Geologic Logging of Digital Photos and Its Basic Algorithm
A Novel Coefficent Partition in Lossless Wavelet Image Coding
MPM-based Unsupervised Segmentation Method for SAR Images
Design and Implementation of Internet-based Vehicle Monitoring Information System
Principle of Analytical Operation of Spatial Data Cube
Description of Topological Relations Between Uncertain Linear Objects
Application of Multi-Server Techniques in WebGIS
Color Correction of Scanning Input Data
Color Representation Using Wide-Band Multi-spectral Space