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2002 Vol. 27, No. 6

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Establishment of the CHAMP Wuhan and Application of CHAMP Mission
Strict Geometric Model Based on Affine Transformation for Remote Sensing Image with High Resolution
A Robust Genentic Algorithm for Automated Map Name Placement
Camera Calibration Using 2D-DLT and Bundle Adjustment with Planar Scenes
Analysis with the Correlation Between Grey Level Vector of Multi-spectral Image and Its Application for Edge Extraction
Principle and Geometric Precision of Photo Geological Logging for Tunnel
Image Threshold Segmentation Based on Multi-scale Space Analysis
Land Use/Cover Change Detection Based on Artificial Neural Network
Re-definition and Validation of the Grounding Line of Amery Ice Shelf,East Antarctica
Appraisement and Discussion of ITRF2000
Unbiased Estimation Formula of Unit Weight Mean Square Error in Regularization Solution
Reliability Analysis and Data Snooping
Scale Correction of Electronic Distance Measurement Instrument
Space View of Map Algebra
Implementation of Management of Land Temporal Information and Land Parcel Change Process in LIS
Uncertainties of Data in Urban Census GIS
Determination and Calculability of Directional Relationship Between Arbitrarily-shaped Polygons
Visual Search Processes and Cognitive Efficiency of Statistical Maps
A Trigger Model of Active Real-time Database System
Diameter Measuring of Slender Glass Tube Based on CCD Assembling Technique
Multimedia Communication Technique for IP Network and Prospect of Multimedia Application