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2002 Vol. 27, No. 1

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The Technique Integration of the Spatial Information and Mobile Communication
Research and Development for ITU-TH.324 Recommendation Compliant Videophone System
Research and Implementation for V.80 Protocol into PSTN Videophone
Framework Design on Video Coding System for Error-prone Heterogenous Network
Real Time Implementation of G.723.1 Speech Coder Based on TM1300
Quick Algorithm for BCH Error-correcting Decoding of H.261 Video Coder Recommendation
Design and Implementation of Accessing Internet Through an ISDN Multimedia Card
Compression Scheme of Graphiclike Image Sequences
A Simple Method of Realizing Intercommunication between BSP Based on Embedded System and Application Program
Using Real-time Monitoring Observer to Assist the Development of Audio Visual Communication System
Research and Development of Optical Current and Voltage Transducers for Electrical Power System
The Implementation and Optimization of H.263 Video Codec Based on TM1300
The Realization of Remote Surveillance System Based on ITU-T Protocol
The Methodological Research on Applying COM Technique to ASP
An Algorithm of Adaptive Post-processing to Reduce the Block Artifacts in the Block-based Transform Image Coding Techniques
Improved Voice Activity Detector Based on the Wavelet Transform
The Design and Implementation of Standalone IP Videophone Based on the H.323 Protocol
Diphone-based Unit Selection in Text-to-Speech Conversion for Mandarin
Audio MP in Video Conference
Stream Control Transmission Protocol for Multimedia Communications