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2001 Vol. 26, No. 6

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Following the Developments of the World,Devoting to the Study on the Earth Gravity Field
On the Development of Geodesy in China
Simulation of Recovering Gravitational Potential Model from the Ephemeredes of CHAMP
Comparision of the Height Accuracy Obtained from EFP Bundle Adjustment and Forward Intersection Using Simulation Space Photogrammetric Data
On Spatial Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (SDMKD)
Hardy Function Interpolation and Its Applications to the Establishment of Crustal Movement Speed Field
Non-linear Adjustment of Deformation Inversion Model
The Combined Method of Datum Transformation between Different Coordinate Systems
Height Datum Transference within Long Distance across Sea
Rapid Static and Kinematic Positioning Based on GPS Active Network
Investigations on Two Models for the Determination of Ionospheric Electron Content
Real-time Processing System for Marine Gravity Measurement
The Rank-Defect Adjustment Model for Survey-line Systematic Errors in Marine Survey Net
Comparison of Observed and Predicted Long-period Changes in the Earth's Gravity Field
The Estimation of the Gravity Value in Qomolangma Peak
Calculation and Spectra Analysis of Horizontal Acceleration Corrections (HACC) for Airborne Gravimetry
Progress of Joint Inversion on Geodesy and Geophysics