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1998 Vol. 23, No. 4

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From "Surveying and Mapping" to "Geomatics"
Design and Implementaion of Digital Geospatial Data Framework in China
A Simulation Study on Bundle Adjustment from Space Using Three CCD Linear Scanner Imagery
Developing the Earth's Gravity Field Approximation Theory
The Analysis for '92'、96 Integrated Adjustment Result of National High Precision GPS A-order Network and the Research for the Rigid Block Movement Model of China
Automatic Precision Registration of Multi-resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
Development of the Methodology for Single Epoch GPS Deformation Monitoring
Numerical Examination for Fractal Extension
The Image Texture Classification Based on Genetic Algorithms
Airborne Laser-Ranging-Multispectral-Imaging Mapping System
The Theory and Application of the Structure Light Engineering Surveying Based on a Laser Theodolite with Three Freedoms of Rotation
An Algorithm for Automatic Location and Orientation in Pattern Designed Environment
Reconstruction of 3D Landscape from Images with Large Scale for Urban Region
A Matrix for Describing Topological Relationships Between 3D Spatial Features
Organization and Processing Approach to Cross-Platform and Distributed Geographic Information
Remote Sensing Image Texture Analysis and Fractal Assessment
Powerset-based Query Model and Its Query Capacity
Photogrammetric Theory in Stereo Vision
Multi-image Matching Without Similarity Measurement
Structure, Representation and Understanding of Spatial Information
Theoretical Accuracy for GPS-Supported Bundle Adjustment