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1998 Vol. 23, No. 2

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The Several Technical Problems on Computing the HighResolution and High Accuracy Quasi-geoid in China
Multi-point Spatial Nonlinear Model Based on Grey Correlation Clustering and its Application
Research on the Expert System for Optimal Design of Survey Control Network
An Efficient Kalman Filtering Algorithm for the Data Processing of Deformation Monitoring Nets
The Variant Reguarity of Ionospheric Vertical Total Electron Content in Hong Kong Area
The Sample Distributions of p-norm Population
An Algorithm for Three Dimensional Convex Hull Creation of a Set of Spatial Points
3D Dynamic Interactive Visualization Model──Three Dimensional Representation and Analysis for GIS
Spatial Adjancency Query Based on Voronoi Diagram
Generating Visibility-Shortest-Path Voronoi Diagram with Limited Linear Obstacles
An Algebraic Model of Structure of Temporal Objects
A Temporal Data Structure of Land Use Change in Land Resource Information System
Wavelet-based Relaxation Image Matching
Grey-Markov Chain Approach for Prediction of Yearly Agriculture Crop Yields in Land Use Planning
The Study on the Remote Sensing Technology in Estimating and Forecasting Grassland Field Applications
Development of Digital Map Database for Automatic Vehicle Location and Navigation Systems
The Design and Organization for the NF2 Multimedia Data Model Based on the Extension of Non First Normal Form
Object-Oriented Thematic Map Designing
A Pattern-Plate-Based Technique for Thematic Mapping
Computer Storable Teletext System
The Development Study of Partial Discharge Detector's Master Calibrater
Study on Early Phase of Cycle Error with Photoelectric Ranger