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1993 Vol. 18, No. 2

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Wavelet Transform with Its Applications to Image Representation and The Improvement of Algorithm on Orientation Selectivity
Selection of Projection Technique and Reduction of Geodetic Observations for Huge Engineering Project SSC
A Research on the Automatic Generalization of Urban Settlement on a Topographic Map
Preliminary Researches on GPS Kinematic Positioning
A Least Squares Mathching Method with Parameters Dynamic Filtering for Spot Data
Automation of Geometric Calibration of CCD Camera Array
The Marginal Maximum Likelihood Estimate of Variance
Stress,Strain and Displacement Fields Caused by Multi-fault Rupture and Barrier Body
The Ellipsoidal Solutions of Hotine's Approaches
Second Order Optimal Design of Deformation Monitoring Network
The Research on the Optimal Sequence of Net Points in Horizental Network Adjustments
The Graphs Software of the National Information Management System of Surveying and Mapping
Analysis of Far-field Radiation from nultimade Fibers