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1989 Vol. 14, No. 2

Display Method:
A New Method for the Optimization of Monitoring Networks
Dynamic Data Processing of the Measurement for the Deformation by Mining
A New Approach to Arrange the Approximate Epipolar Lines for SPOT Images
Realizing the Principles of Grasslands Classification in Computer
Recursive Formula for the Inclination Function of a Satellite Orbit——An Application of Yanghui's Formula
The Determination of Oceanic Geoid
On the Method of Trigonometric Levelling
The Analysis of Planimetric Accuracy for Topographic Map Series at Medium and Small Scales
The Design of a Simulated Display Device for the Production Sites
Analysis to Some Problems in the Silicon-controlled Voltage Regulating Rectifier Circuit
aΣp Space of Martingales and Its Equivalence Relationship with aLp
A Fuzz Mathematical Method for College and University Graduate Job Assignment
On the Accuracy of Freenet Combined Bundle Adjustment in Close Range Photogrammetry