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1985 Vol. 10, No. 4

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The Mathematical Model for the Combined Satellite and Terrestrial Net Adjustment
Reference Datum and Analysis of the Dynamic Geodetic Network
On the Accuracy Calculation and Analysis of High Precision Traverse
Stability of the Solutions for the Positions of Earth Surface Stations Determined by Doppler-Satellite Short-arc Method
About the Evaluation and Compensation of Accuracy
Study of the Mathematical Structure of Adjustment Computations based upon the theory of Functional Analysis
On the Application of Automatic Vertical Index to the Calibration of a Theodolite
On the Evaluation of Optical Image Quality
Analysis of Tracking Follower System of G171 Satellite Laser Ranger
On Evaluation and Design of Classification for Map Content Using Probability Distribution Functions
On the Measurement of Map Information of Settlements
Tracing the Cloud Contour from Satellite Cloud Picture
A Special Difference Interpolation——Formula Derivation and Application