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2009 Vol. 34, No. 5

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Automatic Extraction of Image Tie Points for Aerial Digital Frame Imagery with Large Overlap
Watershed Transform Based on Flooding
Automatic Selection of Segmentation Parameters for Object Oriented Image Classification
Generation of Seamline Network Using Area Voronoi Diagram with Overlap
Combined Stereo Location Among Multi-sensor Remote Sensing Images
Fuzzy C-Means Clustering of Remote Sensing Imagery Using Parallel Tabu Search and Spatial Relation Constrained
Texture Segmentation Based on a Hierarchical Markov Model in Wavelet Domain
Comparison of Image Interpolation Method in Error Diffusion Halftoning
A Fast and Automatic Segmentation Method for Sequential Slice Images
Object-Based Correspondence Analysis for Improved Accuracy in Remote Sensing Change Detection
Simulations of Code and Carrier Loop by Farrow Interpolation in BD Navigation System
Application of Bayesian Regulation BP Neural Network to Fit Two-Kind Quasi-geoid
GPS Height Transformation Based on Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
A New Algorithm for Transforming from Cartesian to Geodetic Coordinates
A Position Solution Method for Double-Star Position System
Contemporary Crustal Deformation in Sichuan-Yunnan Region from GPS and Gravity Data
Determining Maneuver Orbit of GEO Using Stochastic Thrust Model
Implement and Experiment of GNSS Receiver Software
Accurating and Delay Correction Analysis of Pulsar Timing Model
Analysis and Detection on Atomic Clock Anomaly of Navigation Satellites
Precision Analysis on Orbit and Clock of GPS Satellites Broadcast Ephemeris
Correction for the Directivity of Beam Width in Bathymetry
A Multi-scale Spatial Index Method
Quantitative Models of Proximity for Area Features
Modeling Topology Structure of Space-Based Information Systems
Cross-Platform Versatile Technology for GIS Symbols
A New K-Nearest Neighbors Search Algorithm Based on 3D Cell Grids
Watermarking Algorithm for Digital Grid Map Based on Integer Wavelet Transformation
A Spatial-Data-Content-Based Dynamic Load Balancing Method
A C-means Algorithm Based on Data Field