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2009 Vol. 34, No. 3

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Study of Visoelastic Rheological Model for Posteismic Relaxation:A Case Study on 1997 Mw7.6 Manyi Earthquake
Optimization of Gravimetric Data Positions for Computation Local Geoid by Clustering Analysis
A Gravity Matching Algorithm Based on TERCOM
Current Crustal Strain Field in the Sichuan-Yunnan Area by Joint Inversion of GPS and Seismic Moment Tensor
Datum Design Study of GPS Height Monitoring Network with Systematic Parameters and Constraints
Research on Linear Estimation Method Considering Observation Noise and Data Resolution
Expressions for Analytical Transformation Between Gauss and Mercator Projections by Complex Numbers
Latest Progress of Dynamic Mapping Functions and Its Application to GNSS Retrieved Water-Vapor
Geometric Processing of Low Altitude Remote Sensing Images Captured by Unmanned Airship
Remote Sensing Image Compression Quality Assessment and Its Application
Semi-automatic Extraction of Ribbon Road from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery by a T-shaped Template Matching
Sub-pixel Mapping of Remote Sensing Images Based on Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network Model
Automatic Recognition of Change Types of Residential Areas Using Topology Relations Model
Lossless Compression of MODIS Image Based on Optimal Integer Prediction of Inter-band and SPIHT Algorithm
A Clonal Selection Algorithm Based on Non-uniform Adaptive Mutation
Character Extraction from Complex Background Document Images
Real-time Dynamic Bleeding Synthesis and Simulation of Endoscopic Images
An Accelerating Texture-based Volume Rendering Algorithm with BVH
Dynamic Representation of 3D House Properties Based on Hierarchical Events
A Novel Spatial Co-location Pattern Mining Algorithm Based on k-Nearest Feature Relationship
Clustering Analysis of Geographical Area Entities Considering Distance and Shape Similarity
Extensive Representation and Realization of Spatial Topological Relation Based on SRC-Ontology
Geo-spatial Information Services Model Based on Information Flow
Spatio-temporal Simulation of Water Quality Based on SD-GIS Accidential Water Pollution
Elevation Order Isomorphism Characteristics of DEM
A Node Refinement Algorithm for Inserting Feature Constraints in Delaunay Triangulation
Progressive Selection Approach of Streets Based on Information Loss
Land Use Change Simulation Model Based on Support Vector Machine
A New Urban Land Classification Model Based on k-order Data Field of Point Set
Taxonomy of Slope Positions and Quantification of Their Spatial Distribution Information