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2008 Vol. 33, No. 6

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Adaptive Hierarchical and Weighted Iterative Filtering of Airborne LIDAR Data and Its Quality Assessment
Vertical Lines Supported Tie Points Auto Extraction of Large Scale Aerial Triangulation Over Urban Areas
A Method of Epipolar Image Generation Based on POS Data
GIS Symbolic Library General Data Model and Data Exchange Format XML Schema
Block Adjustment with Airborne SAR Images Based on Polynomial Ortho-Rectification
Assessing Vegetation Degradation Based on NDVI-climate Variables Feature Space
A Regularization Parameter Choice Method on Nonlinear Ill-posed Quantitative Remote Sensing Inversion
Detection of Nighttime Fog Using MODIS Data
Algorithm of Color Image Edge Detection Based on Differential Information Theory
Multiple Level Sets Segmentation for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
Application of Extended State Cellular Automata to Spatiotemporal Data Mining
The Method of Curve Bend Recognition
Geometric Accuracy Assessment of Linear Features' Simplification Algorithms
The Method of Matching Residential Features in Topographic Maps at Neighboring Scales
Systematic Error Analysis in Data Combination Baseed on SINEX Solution
An Approach of Realizing the Global 1°×1° Geoid at Centimeter-Level Accuracy
Geoid Deformation and Elevation Affection Caused by Building Loading
Establishment of Observation Equation for Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking
Derivation of Inverse Expansions for Auxiliary Latitudes by Hermite Interpolation Method
Interpolation Approach for Velocity Field of Crustal Movement
Classifying Complication of Seabed Terrain Based on Orthogonal Wavelet Transform
A New Analytic Solution for Beidou Passive Positioning in Sea
GPS Phase Measurement Cycle-Slip Detection Based on a New Wavelet Function
A New Approach for Colored Measurement Noises by Correcting Random Model
An Improved Compression Method Based on Fractal
Information Disguising for Digital Elevation Model Data via Empirical Mode Decomposition
A Traffic Equilibrium Base Queue Threshold Scheme in Shared Memory Switch