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2005 Vol. 30, No. 10

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Effection and Key Technologies for China to Project Radio Satellite
Polygon Medial Axis Problem and the Algorithm
Dynamic Electronic Map Design to Monitor Change Phenomena
Constrained Edges Deletion in CD-TIN Based on Influence Domain Retriangulating for Virtual Point
Research on Map Displayment Based on Kiwi Data Format
Laser Orbit Determination for Chinese Chang-E Satellite Orbiting the Moon
Directionally Dependent Adaptive SIGMA Median Filter
Study on the Characteristics of Multipath Effects in GPS Dynamic Deformation Monitoring
An Algorithm of GPS Navigation Based on Robust Self-Tuning Kalman Filtering
Rapid Ambiguity Resolution On-the-Fly for Single Frequency Receiver
Study of the Ellipsoid Transformation on the Establishment of Local Independence Coordinate System Using GPS Technique
Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Variance of GIS Overlapped Coverage
Study on Model Error of Adjustment System and Its Identified Method
Stochastic Poisson Equation Dirichlet Boundary Value Problem in Physical Geodesy
Clenshaw Summation in Constructing High Resolution Gravity Field from the Geopotential Coefficient Expression Model
Dynamic Parameters Determination of Amery Ice Shelf Using PPP
Detection of Cloud,Snow and Ice Based on ETM~+ Thermal Infrared Image in Antarctica
Stability of Reservoir Slope Based on RS/GIS and Numerical Simulation
Pre-selection Sample Method of Genetic Algorithm Fuzzy C-Mean in Support Vector Machines
Relative Radiometric Correction of CBERS-01 CCD Data Based on Detector Histogram Matching
BP Neural Network Classifier Based on Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
Study on Intelligent Simulation Techniques of Structure State
Experiment and Measurement for Acquiring Solid Standards of Four Colors Metal Printing