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2001 Vol. 26, No. 4

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A New Chinese Geoid with High Resolution and High Accuracy
Semiautomatic Building Extraction by Least Squares Matching Based on GeoMetrical Constraints in Object Space
Research on System Space Mathematical Base of Large-scale GIS and the Digital Earth
GIS Functional Component Library and Function Integration
An Approach of Simplification and High-speed Rendering for Terrain Model
A Speckle Filtering Method of SAR Images Based on Wavelet Analysis
A Method of Object Abstraction from Hash Backgrounding about Doppler Rader Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis
The Edge Information Analysis by Mathematical Geomorphology of Image
Methods for Industrial Measurement and Basic Principles of Their Choice
Evolutions and Key Techniques for 3D Object Surface Vision-Measurement in Industry
The Application of Spectrum Analysis in GPS Auto-monitoring System
The Research on the Problem of Supplementing Points for Land Mean Gravity Surveying in China
A New Method Based on Reliability of Engineering Control Network for Netsoptimization
The Unbiasedness of L1 Estimation of Monistic Laplace Distribution
Directional Computation and Reasoning with Contiguous Convex Polygons
The Design and Implementation of Transferring NEWCOM Data Model to Relation Data Model