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1999 Vol. 24, No. 1

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A Study on GIS Data Directly into Image Processing
Rough Set Theory and Its Application in Attribute Analysis and Knowledge Discovery in GIS
Internet GIS Approach to Multisource Data and Geoprocessing
Key Techniques for Distributed Processes of Remote Sensing Imagery
Genetic Algorithms and Its Application in the Seiection of Image Threshold
The Image Matching Based on Wallis Filtering
Computer Simulation and Quality Control for Building of the Large-scale Timber Structures
Real-time Precise Orbit Determination for GPS Satellite
Computing the Singular Integrals in Physical Geodesy by Using Wavelet Theory
The Intrinsic Nature of Gravity Fields
Poisson Gravimetric Boundary Value Problems
The Study of Line Symbols' Objecting Based on Ridge Map
The Proof of Map Image System Belonging to Boolean Algebraic One
Application of Synergetics to Sustainable Land Use Planning
The Study of Case-based Design Expert System Development
A Direct Solution Method of Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Model
A Direct Algorithm of Least Squares Solutions
The Robust Measure of Lp Estimation Under Contaminated Distribution
Robust Estimation Model for Correlated Observations Based on Standardized Residuals
Research into a Connected Sequence and Automatic System in Terrestrial Surveying Engineering on Total Station
Image Measurement System of Lens Focal Length with CCD Camera
The Research and Realization of a New Intelligent Transformer Calibrator