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        Error Analysis and Processing of Multibeam Soundings
        Robust Estimation with the Estimator of Outliers
        The Variance Estimation of Corresponding Lines in GIS Overlay Operation
        Error Models for Geometric Features in Three Dimensional GIS
        The Determination and Analyses of the Kenematic Model of Relative Motion Between Blocks in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau by GPS Measurements
        Application of Fuzzy Artifical Neural Network to the Deformation Analysis and Predication of Side Slope
        A Hopfield Nerual Network Algorithm of Finding the Best Position for Point Annotation of Map
        On the Recognition of the Intensive Contour Map Based on Restraint of Smooth
        Using Texture Model to Classify Image Texture
        Research on Application of Pattern Recognition in the Automatic Recognition of Human Being's Hand Wrists
        Dynamic Symbol and Dynamic Map
        Correspondence Based Outlier Analysis
        Study on Progressive Approach to Graphic Generalization of Linear Feature
        Organizing for Large Seamless Geographical Databases
        Location Processing Research of NOAA-AVHRR 1A.5 Data
        A Depth Survey System by Photoelectric Encoder for Oil-Well Logging
        Interferometric Test Scheme of Highly Precise Regular Glass Cube
        The Way of Making Use of Ultrasonic Doppler to Measure Blood Velocity
        The Technical Problems of the Detailed and Control Planning of the Central Zone of Hengshui City
        The Driver Design for the Control Interface of a Laser-typersetter
        The Magnitude Sampling for Square Wave Signal with the Middle-High Frequency
        Precision Calculation of Atmospheric Refraction
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