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1989 Vol. 14, No. 3

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Models and Estimations for GPS Positioning in the Dynamic Environment
Application of Digital Terrain Model in the Design of Highways
Mathematical Morphology and Its Application in Binary Image Analysis
The Estimation of Hybrid Stochastic Model of Combined Satellite and Terrestrial Net Adjustment
The Ridge Estimation and the Stein Estimation of Adjustment Parameters
An Adjustment Model of Minimizing the 1-Norm of Residuals and Unknowns
Explorations in Registration Between DTM and Non-Topographic Features
Mathematical Foundations of the Geographic Information Data Base
The Algebraic Method of Isoplanat and Its Programming Design for Ocular with Long Exit Pupil Distance
The Design of GPS Recieving Antenna
The Flowmeter of the Artificial Heart and Lung Machine
The Formula of the Elementary Solution Matrix of the 3-Dimensional Linear System