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1986 Vol. 11, No. 1

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A Method to Assess Levelling Measurements
A New Theorem of Projection and Its Application to Adjustment
Cartographic Data Base System the Core Component of the Spatial Information System
The Optimization Problem of Calibrating the Periodic Errors of Lacoste and Romberg Model “G” Gravity Meter
On the Application of Pseudo-Weight
A Study of the Basis for Determing the Quotas of Settlements Selected for Mapmaking
Cartographic Representation of Sea Coasts on Topographic Maps at Large and Medium Scales
An Optical Multi-Channel Correlation Technique
The Analysis of Several Methods for Working Out the Differential Equations of a Particle Making Relative Motion
New Computing Formulas for Measuring the Slope of a Shaft Well by Hydrostatic Level
The Construction Method of Determining the Positions of the Principal Planes of Lens
The Effect of Earth Tide on Astronomical Latitude and Longitude