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1985 Vol. 10, No. 1

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The Effects of the Errors of Geodetic Heights on the Results of Combined Satellite and Terrestrial Net Adjustment
Die Bahnverbesserung and die Pre-Processing der Satelliten-Laserentfernungsdaten mit höher Genauigkeit
Test of Weights of Direction Obsevations of Different Classes in Chinese Astrogeodetic Nets
Weighted Generalized Inverse and Rank-Defect Net Adjustment
The Influenec of the Earth Tide on the Deflection of the Vertical and Leveling
Array Algebra and Its Application to Surveying
The Nested Coefficient Method——For the Accurate Calculation of Direct and lnverse Geodetic problems of Any Length
The Probability Distributions o}f Residuals and the τ Variate and their Applications