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2019 Vol. 44, No. 12

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Local Atmosphere Augmentation Based on CORS for Real-Time PPP
Quality Analysis of Raw GNSS Observation of Google Nexus 9 Smart Tablet Terminal
Short-term Prediction and Applicability Analysis of Regional Ionospheric Total Electron Content in Active Period
Influence of Stochastic Model on the Coordinate of Xi'an Mobile SLR Station Determination
A Fusion Model for ERP Considering Boundary Constraints and Inner Constraints
Tracing the Pre-failure Two-dimensional Surface Displacements of Nanyu Landslide, Gansu Province with Radar Interferometry
Inversion for Coseismic Slip Distribution and Afterslip of the 2015 Nepal Mw 7.9 Earthquake Using Angular Dislocations
Improvement of the Polar Motion Prediction Model Using Wavelet Decomposition
Efficiency Analysis of Spherical Harmonic Synthesis Based on MPI Parallel Algorithm
A Structured Total Least Squares Method Based on Nonlinear Gauss-Helmert Model
An Iterative Least Squares Method Based on the F-J Inversion for Linear-Non-Linear Models
Construction of Suaeda Salsa Vegetation Index Based on GF-1 WFV Images
Vehicle Detection and Tracking Based on Fusion of Millimeter Wave Radar and Monocular Vision
Land Use Classification Based on Multi-structure Convolution Neural Network Features Cascading
Topological Reconstruction of Underground Cable Well Model with Holes
A Shape Similarity Assessment Method for Linear Feature Generalization
An Improved Registration Method for Outdoor Mobile Augmented Reality
A Method for Islands Automatic Selection Based on Buffer Dynamic Growing Model
A Nonparametric Test-Based Approach for Mining Spatio-Temporal Co-Occurrence Patterns of Urban Crimes