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2016 Vol. 41, No. 1

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Research Status and Progress in International Next-Generation Satellite Gravity Measurement Missions
Progress of Ocean Tide Loading Inversion Based on GNSS
Navigation Performance of BeiDou in Polar Area
Approach for Determining Satellite Gravity Model from GOCE Gravitational Gradient Tensor Invariant Observations
Recurrence Relations for Fully Normalized Associated Legendre Functions and Their Derivatives and Integrals
Coseismic Slip Distribution Inversion Method Based on the Variance Component Estimation
A Global Empirical Model of the Conversion Factor Between Zenith Wet Delay and Precipitable Water Vapor
Vertical Datums and Their Transformation Approaches for Hydrography
Combination GRACE and TRMM Estimate of Water Storage Capacity and Flood Potential in Afghanistan
Estimation of Earth Rotation Parameters and ΔLOD with Combining VLBI and GPS Observations
Effect of Time-Varying Gravity Signal on Satellite Gravity Gradient Observations
Ice Temperature Characteristics of the Austre Lovénbreen Glacier in NY-Ålesund, Arctic Region
An Algorithm of Filtering Noises in Multi-beam Data Based on Rolling Circle Transform
Orbit Determination Ability Analysis of the GRAIL Gravity Model
Generating and Evaluating Digital Terrain Model with TanDEM-X Bistatic SAR Interferometry
A Real-Time Anomaly Monitoring Algorithm for Satellite Clock
A Method for Fast Ship Detection and Recognition in Sea-Sky Background Based on Multi-scale Feature Cluster
Parallel Construction of Global Pyramid for Large Remote Sensing Images
The Integrated Representation Model of Line-Region Spatial Relations Based on Meta-relations
Research on Mountain Top Extraction Accuracy Based on DEM
Travel Time Detection at Intersections from Taxis' Trace Data