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2005 Vol. 30, No. 5

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Key Issues of Multi-Scale Representation of Spatial Data
Digital Elevation Modeling Based on Hierarchical Subdivision of the Triangular Meshes on Ellipsoidal Surface
Center Subpixel Localization of Circular Retro-Reflective Targets
Research on Real-Time Rendering for Large Scale Terrain
Extraction of Ridge and Valley from DEM Based on Gradient
Research on Knowledge-Based Thematic Data Generalization in GIS
An Error Entropy Model for GIS Spatial Linear
Research on Urban Grid System and Geocodes
Application of Fuzzy Synthetically Evaluated Method in Remote Sensing Imagery Products Quality Inspected
Discussion About GIS Fuzzy Uncertainty and Treatment Methods
Research on Medial Axis Between One Point and Multiline Set
Study of the Development of the Data Center for the Provincial Land and Resources Adminmistration
Boolean Algebra Arithmetic Elements in Map Compilation andthe Mathematical Model of Cartographic Generalizations
Cloud Detection in MODIS Data Based on Spectrum Analysis
Autonav of Navigation Satellite Constellation Based on Crosslink Range and Orientation Parameters Constraining
Ambiguity Resolution of Single Epoch Single Frequency Data withBaseline Length Constraint Using LAMBDA Algorithm
Grey System Model for the Satellite Clock Error Predicting
Similar Single-Difference Methodology and Results Analysis for SlopObjects Deformation Monitoring in Three Gorge Area
Time-Varying Parameter PGM (1, 1) Deformation Prediction Model and Its Applications
Absolute Coding Electronic Theodolite
An Algorithm for SAR Image Filtering Based on Bayesian Principle and MRF Modeling