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        Kriging Analysis and Its Application to Urban Base Land-Value Evaluation
        Cultivated Land Compensation Model Based on Five-Tuple Array
        Multi-way Tree Structure Based on Curve Generalization Method
        Models of Temporal Dynamic Map
        Scaleless Representations for Polyline Spatial Data Based on Wavelet Analysis
        Color Design of the Hillshading Map Based on the Visual Image
        Automatic Generation Technology of Large-Scale Colored Hill-Shading
        An Optimal Route Choice Based on Public Traffic Network Model
        Cellular Automata Based on Geographic Feature and Urban Land Use Evolvement
        Change of the Cultivated Land and Driving Forces in Poor Mound Region Based on Spatio-temporal Analysis
        Application of Fuzzy Neural Networks to Land Suitability Evaluation
        Spatial Analysis Method for Monitoring Land Value Dynamically
        Method for Plotting the Affected Area of Urban Roads Based on Spatial Competing
        Adaptive Strategy on the Visualization of Electronic Map
        Urban Base Land Value Evaluation Based on Mobile Trend Surface Analysis
        Extraction of Hierarchical Skeleton of Areal Object Based on Multivariate Analysis
        Structured Design of Dendritic River Networks Based on Graph
        Generation of Virtual Forest
        Description Model of Map Symbols Based on SVG
        Generation of Virtual Forest
        Improvement on Evaluation Model for Base Land Price
        Automatic Generalization of River Network Based on BP Neural Network Techniques
        An Algorithm to Create Topological Relationship Based on Closed Coordinate Chain Data
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