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2016 Vol. 41, No. 11

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Research of the Location and Valuation of Gross Error Based on Semi-parametric Adjustment Model
Analysis on Orbit Determination of CE-3 with Different Lunar Gravity Field Model
BeiDou Triple-frequency Carrier Single-epoch Ambiguity Resolution Based on Ambiguity Related Method
A Re-calibration Method for Roll Bias of Multi-beam Sounding System
Elevation Change Along the Expedition Route in PANDA Transection of Antarctica from Cryosat-2
Comparison of Several Filters in the Rates of Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Change Based on GRACE RL05 Data
Grounding Line Extraction of Jelbart Ice Shelf Using DDInSAR
Analysis of Edge Length of Antarctic Sea Ice Time Series During 1978-2014
Combined Satellite Orbits of the iGMAS Analysis Centers: Method and Precision
An Elliptic Cylindrical Model for Tunnel Filtering
Comparative Analysis of HJ-1B CCD2 and SPOT4 HRVIR Data for Aboveground Biomass Estimation in Forest Stands
SAR Image Segmentation Combined Regular Tessellation and M-H Algorithm
K-Wishart Classifier for PolSAR Data and Its Performance Evaluation
Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from HJ-1B Satellite Thermal Infrared Data and Error Analysis with Partial Differential Equation
Rock Outcrop Detection from RADARSAT-1 Datasets Based on Constant False Alarm
Service-Oriented Geographic Information Sharing in Polar Regions
A Geographical Information Service Load Balancing Algorithm
Computing Model of Volunteered Geographic Information Trustworthiness Based on User Reputation
Group-based Incremental Updating of Geographic Data for Urbanization Construction
A Pedestrian Detection Algorithm Based on Sparse Multi-scale Image Segmentation and Cascade Deformable Part Model
Laser Print Document Identification Based on Gabor Feature and Sparse Representation Classification
An Fusion Positioning for PDR and WiFi Based on Fading Adaptive Weighted EKF