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1992 Vol. 17, No. 2

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Quasi-point Mass Model of Integrated Geodesy
A Computer Vision Based Thematic Map Reading System
An Investigation Into The Operation Modes for GPS Positioning
A Computer Aided Monitoring Network Design System (CAMNDS)
Application of the Synthetic Fracture Criteria to Three-Dimensional Medium
On the Extraction of Elevation Information from SPOT Imagery
Application of Level-Composite-Judgement Method to Unban Land Grading
Some Theroretical Aspects for The National Primary GPS Network of China
Research on the Dynamic Data Model of Deformation Measurements Across Fault
A Mathematica Model for the Election and Evaluating of the Fundmental Material of Cartogrophy is Established Based on the Multi-layer Fuzzy Symthatic Evaluating
The Mathematical Model of the Control of Ge Zhouba Ship Lock