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1991 Vol. 16, No. 4

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An Application of Object-oriented Data Models for Attribute Database in GIS
The Determination of Ocean Circulation by SST Model WSST·90B
An Experimental Study on the Normal Section Bearing of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composite Beams
The Determination and Application of the Modulation Transfer Function of the Digital Imaging System
The Measurment of the Central Spectral Transmission Wave-Length of the Interference Filter with the LAU Effect
p-th power Norn Distribution and Least p-th power Norn Adjustment
Three Dimension Network Adjustment Problems of Additional Vertical's Deflection and Atmospheric Refraction Parameters
On The Combined Adjustment of Terrestrial and Satellite Networks in Gauss Plane Coordinate System
The Tube-Length Extended Technic For Wide-angle Galilean Non-Power System
On Nonlinear Least Squares Adjustment from Riemannian Maniflod Viewpoint