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Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University uses the online submission system and performs andexecutive three-level referee system ensure and enhance the quality of papers.

1. First-review: This process is excutied by editor and it may take 1 week.

The possible reasons for rejection at this stage include: failure to pass the similarity check, inconsistent with the aims and scope of the journal, obviously low academic value, seriously inconsistent with the format requirements of the journal, failure to use maps and data in accordance with the regulations, etc.

2. Peer-review: This process is excutied by review experts and it may take 30 to 60 days for each reviewer.

The possible reasons for rejection at this stage include: academic and moral problems, failure to select cutting-edge or hot topics, research papers without enough innovation, review papers without broad, deep and forward-looking views, unreasonable experiments, insufficient references, illogical structure, bad writing, etc.

3. Final-review: This process is excutied by associate editor or editor-in-chief and it may take 30 days.

The possible reasons for rejection at this stage include:

The author proposed to withdraw the manuscript.

The text similarity exceeds 20% with the author's dissertation(please note that if your submission is from a master thesis or a PhD thesis).

The author repeatedly submitted the article in different journals, published it in different journals during the final-review period, ot repeated publication across languages.

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