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        An Object-Oriented True Ortho Image Rectification Method
        ZHU Qing, YU Jie, DU Zhiqiang, ZHANG Yeting
        2013, 38(7): 757-760.
        Abstract PDF
        High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Road Extraction Combining Region Growing and Road-unit
        YU Jie, YU Feng, ZHANG Jing, LIU Zhenyu
        2013, 38(7): 761-764.
        Abstract PDF
        A Registration Method Based on Object-Space Positioning Consistency for Satellite Multi-spectral Image
        WANG Mi, YANG Bo, JIN Shuying
        2013, 38(7): 765-769.
        Abstract PDF
        A Modified SURF Descriptor and Its Application in Remote Sensing Images Matching
        YAN Li, CHEN Lin
        2013, 38(7): 770-773.
        Abstract PDF
        An Improved Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm with Spatial Information for Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
        ZHANG Penglin, HUANG Li, LV Zhiyong, ZHOU Bing
        2013, 38(7): 774-777.
        Abstract PDF
        Image Denoising Based on the NSST Domain GSM Model
        GAO Guorong, XU Luping, FENG Dongzhu
        2013, 38(7): 778-782.
        Abstract PDF
        A Morphological Filtering Algorithm Based on Extension Measurement
        XU Lamei, DU Shaofei, WU Wei
        2013, 38(7): 783-788.
        Abstract PDF
        Flood Monitoring and Analysis over the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River Basin with MODIS Time-Series Imagery
        LI Bin, YAN Qin, ZHANG Li, LIANG Yong
        2013, 38(7): 789-793.
        Abstract PDF
        A Streaming Data Delaunay Triangulation Algorithm Based on Parallel Computing
        LI Jian, LI Deren, SHAO Zhenfeng
        2013, 38(7): 794-798.
        Abstract PDF
        Automatically Samples Selection in Disaster Emergency Oriented Land-Cover Classification
        WEN Qi, XIA Liegang, LI Lingling, WU Wei
        2013, 38(7): 799-804.
        Abstract PDF
        Flowing Car Data Map-Matching Based on Constrained Shortest Path Algorithm
        LI Qingquan, HU Bo, YUE Yang
        2013, 38(7): 805-808.
        Abstract PDF
        Impact of Mobility Models on Routing Protocols’ Simulation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
        MAO Qingzhou, ZHOU Baoding, LI Qingquan, LI Deshi
        2013, 38(7): 809-812.
        Abstract PDF
        A Fast Fixed Algorithm of GPS Single Epoch Ambiguity Resolution Based on DUFCOM and DC Algorithms
        GUO Jiming, ZHOU Mingduan, XIE Xiang, ZHANG Di
        2013, 38(7): 813-817.
        Abstract PDF
        On the High-Frequency ERPs with GPS Observations
        WEI Erhu, LI Guangwen, CHANG Liu, CAO Qi
        2013, 38(7): 818-821.
        Abstract PDF
        Crustal Movement and Strain Model of Active Blocks Analyzed by GPS in Sichuan-Yunnan Region
        DING Kaihua, XU Caijun, ZOU Rong, HU Youjian
        2013, 38(7): 822-827.
        Abstract PDF
        Application Research of GPS Elevation Survey Instead of Grade Leveling
        CHEN Weimin, ZHANG Xudong, FU Huanian, SHI Liqun
        2013, 38(7): 828-831.
        Abstract PDF
        Quality Analysis of the Second Generation Compass Observables and Stochastic Model Refining
        ZHANG Xiaohong, DING Lele
        2013, 38(7): 832-836.
        Abstract PDF
        Estimation Method of GNSS On-Board Clock Short-Term Stability Based on Smoothed Broadcast Ephemeris
        GONG Hang, LIU Zengjun, PENG Jing, WANG Feixue
        2013, 38(7): 837-841.
        Abstract PDF
        Application of Two-Way Satellite-Ground Time Synchronization in COMPASS
        LI Ruifeng, WANG Yuanming
        2013, 38(7): 842-844.
        Abstract PDF
        Research on Dynamic Deformation Monitoring of Bridges Using Ground-based Interferometric Radar IBIS-S
        XU Yaming, WANG Peng, ZHOU Xiao, XING Cheng
        2013, 38(7): 845-849.
        Abstract PDF
        Progress in Total Least Squares
        WANG Leyang, XU Caijun
        2013, 38(7): 850-856.
        Abstract PDF
        Expression Model for Settlement Incremental Information
        JI Cunwei, WU Fang, GONG Xianyong, JIAO Yangyang
        2013, 38(7): 857-861.
        Abstract PDF
        Geometric Algebra-based Multi-criteria Constrained Maximal Flow Analysis
        LUO Wen, YUAN Linwang, YI Lin, LV Guonian
        2013, 38(7): 862-868.
        Abstract PDF
        Spatial Pattern Characteristics of Aerosol Optical Depth in a Region Based on Spatial Autocorrelation
        WANG Hua, GUO Yangjie, HONG Song, NIU Beibei
        2013, 38(7): 869-874.
        Abstract PDF
        Voxels and the Construction of a Virtual Geographic Environment
        JIANG Bingchuan, YOU Xiong, XIA Qing, TIAN Jiangpeng
        2013, 38(7): 875-878.
        Abstract PDF
        A Quantified Model for Spatial Relationships
        JIN Biao, HU Wenlong
        2013, 38(7): 879-882.
        Abstract PDF
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