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2006 Vol. 31, No. 7

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Approach for Terrain Change Detection and DEM Updating
Measurement of Information and Uncertainty of Remote Sensing and GIS Data
An Improved Algorithm Based on Embedded Hidden Markov Model Structure for Face Recognition
Spatial-Temporal Evolvement Trends of Mesoscale Convective Systems over Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Epipolar Image Generation and Corresponding Point Matching Based on Vehicle-based Images Along Optical Axis
A New Method for Airborne Laser Altimetry Points Cloud Patch Segmentation
Local Fictitious Downward Continuation of Gravity Field and Simulation Experiment Tests Using EGM96 Model
Comparison of Present SST Gravity Field Models
Effects of Inverse Barometer!Correction on Tidal Parameters Derived from Altimetry Data
On Error Compensation in Marine Magnetic Survey
Ambiguity Resolution of GPS Short-Baseline Using Genetic Algorithm
Calibration of Transducer and Transponder Positions
On Integral Methods of GLONASS Satellite Orbit
Fuzzy Geographical Object Modeling Based on Vector Data Model
Spatio-temporal Index Based on Networks
Hierarchical Fuzzy Evaluation Model the Suitability Evaluation Readjustment of Village Land Use
Urban Land Gradation Method Based on Spatial Clustering
Design and Algorithm Optimization of Complex Linear Symbol
Rapid Algorithm of Building Typification Based on Data Matching
Spatio-Temporal Data Model in Cadastral Information System Based on Weighted Graph
Design of 3D Cadastre Conceptual Model
Cross-Media Publishing of Map Based on SVG
Data Quantity Experiments of Different Spatial Data Formats
Application of Time-Frequency Analysis Method Based on Signal Decomposition on Target Detection of High Frequency Surface Wave Radar